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    I have been feeding wild birds for so long don't even know how long, but my question is I will feel awful if I have to stop feeding them since they depend on me for food during the winter months, But I've heard that they can give my chickens disease's which I don't want either. Does anyone else feed the wild birds and still keep chickens and ducks or other fowl? The wild birds would still come around and eat out of the chickens feed bowl I've seen them. There is no place I can put my feeder where the chickens and ducks don't go they free range most of the day. Thanks for imput
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    I have 2 feeders, 2 suet feeders, and 1 squirrel feeder in the yard with the chickens. The chickens hang out under them looking for debris spilled by the wild birds. I have never had a disease outbreak in the 7 years I've had chickens. It is possible for them to bring in disease, but I think it would be rare, unless you get huge flocks hanging out in your yard.

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    I feed the wild birds and the hummingbirds. I just do my best to keep the wild bird feeders as far away as possible from my chicken yard. Doesn't matter anyhow, as the wild birds help themselves to any treats I put out in the chicken yard. Earlier this year I had a little sparrow take up residence with my chickens. He would even go into the coop with them at night. One day he just disappeared.
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    Thank you all so much, I enjoy watching the wild birds and the humming birds and would feel awful if I had to stop feeding them. I feel alot better now, and will continue to enjoy all living things!

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