Should baby chicks always have food available?
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All of my chicks and chickens feed free choice. They will self regulate.

All food is collected at night to avoid rodents if outdoors. If it's dark they aren't eating, they are sleeping. No feed required, just like under mama hen.

The exception is for people raising Cornish Cross. They do restrict feeding to 12 hours per day to prevent extra broken legs and such. Those birds are described as eating machines.

Enjoy your babies! :wee
I agree, baby chicks should have food at all times. Water too. You can also give them dried meal worms (good protein!) live worms, and grasses as treats. If they were with the Momma hen she would take them to the field to eat with her. With adult chickens I'd say if they act like they are hungry all the time (jumping up on you because they think you have something to eat, trying to grab the eggs you collected, etc), they are hungry!

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