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    Aug 6, 2010
    Co Wexford
    Hi folks, I have my pullets 2 weeks tomorrow. I feed them layer pellets as per norm. In the last week I have given them some table leftovers ie; potatoes, peas, porridge (no sugar)
    the usual leftovers from dinner. Now everytime they see me they run to whatever part of the run I am, and when I enter the run they are like children looking for treats. I'm sure you know and have experienced exactly what I'm describing. However, they seem to be moaning all the time and maybe uninterested in the pellets. Now they only get the leftovers once a day and not every day either. No eggs yet either.
    Any comments/advice or whatever greatly appreciated:/[​IMG]

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Chickens will run to you for treats & feeding them scraps are great as long as they are getting a good mix of protein & greens. I am unsure about the moaning, mine "talk" to me with various sounds so that may be what you are getting. On the no eggs, I am assuming that you have chickens that are old enough to be laying? If this is the case sometime they do take a break from laying when you have moved them to a new place.

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