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    Jul 8, 2010
    I have a few feeding/watering questions at once.

    First, how do I best feed my free-range chickens outdoors without having squirrels and other critters steal all the food? I have just been throwing the food on the ground because I cannot decide what the best feeder option is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would like the feeder that I get to be critter-proof, easy to work with, and hold enough to feed 13 chickens for a few days (for when I am away for the weekend, etc.).

    Second, how do I best feed my cats outdoors without having the chickens eat ALL of their food. My chickens stay in a small coop at night to protect them from predators, but right when I open the coop in the mornings, they run straight to the cat food to see how fast they can devour it. I tried feeding the cats only at night, but then I had issues with stray cats and other night dwelling creatures coming onto the porch to eat it too. I cannot seem to find a peaceful solution that allows my cats to eat their own food, free from chickens. (They move out of the way for the chickens because there are so many of them.)

    Last, how do I prevent the green algae buildup in my waterer. It seems that if I do not empty and refill daily, I always have a green film around the base of the waterer (both inside and in the tray).

    Thanks for any advice you have to share!
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    Quote:Good luck,

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    I have this issue. I honestly would like ideas for it too, as our chooks free range and every time we go back to check there is an entire flock of pigeons eating alongside the girls. [​IMG]

    For now we stand near them and ward off pigeons until they're finished, then gather up any leftover food. We can't think of anything better. [​IMG]

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