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    May 5, 2016
    I have 6 new chickstl they are now 5 month old and have been in with the rest of the flock for about one month. One week after they were introduced three of the six developed snotty noses.i seperated the six babies to half the outdoor run and gave them 10 days of the powdered antibiotic in there water. They are still snotty and i noticed possibly one other one is a little snotty now. They eat very well, poop is normal, no sneezing no coughing, drink well. The snoty is totally clean and has a smell. I was thinking the worst and coryza but everywhere i look says it has a three week run and its been over 4 weeks now with no change no improvement but nothing worse either. What can i do to help these guys?
    Our weather is nice and warm but windy,they have a nice clean tough shed with hanging feeder and water with apple cider vinager and b vitamins, they have perches and indoor outdoor 24/7. I feed egg builder, mixed with feather builder and a scratch. They get grit and oyster shell mixed. They have plastic boxes with shavings and they get fruit and veggies and lits of scrapd. What am i doing wrong. Im worried these babies are the ones ive always wanted and i adore them. Please please help
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    I've never really had sick chickens before. One time I had had to worm my flock and another time I had to dust them for mites but otherwise if one was puny I just separated it for a few days and they either got better (usually) or died (a couple of times). Chickens are really tough. If they are doing alright I wouldn't worry to much but I don't think they need to be around other chickens until you know what's going on. I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

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