Feet color of Barred Rocks


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I have 5 hens and a rooster that look just like Barred Rocks but they do not have yellow legs or feet. They are a pinkish/whitish/grey color. Can this be typical of barred rocks as well?
Hmm... pics would help!
they can but they sound more like maybe cuckoo marans were the barring is slightly off and not even. pics would help though
Here are some of the hens. No leg shots but they look similar to the roosters but with less pink and more white/grey in them.
Those are some pink feet!

I'm no expert, but the hens look more cuckoo... So maybe cuckoo Marans (with particularly pink feet?). I've seen an older BC Marans rooster with very red skin around the vent and on the neck (visible when molting). But unless I'm mistaken these are fairly young, yes?

Where did you get them?
Yes. These are less than a year old but I am not sure of the exact age. This picture was taken in September when we first got them. The rooster is quite a bit larger now and his legs are not as pink (It's also much colder now but not sure if that makes a difference). Some friends of mine moved and left them with my family. They inherited them as older chicks when friends of theirs moved so I have no idea of the history or how/why these birds ended up in Nome, Alaska! The hens have been laying eggs for about 5 weeks now.
If you were to try and enter them in any show, even a local Fair type show, however modest, they'd not be allowed as Barred Rocks. They are lovely birds, Enjoy them. Quite likely they are Cuckoo Marans mix or another barred mix. Who knows. There are a number of Barred breeds that could be in their lineage, especially since barring gets passed on so easily in the genetic soup of cross bred birds. You inherited them with no information, so the best you can do is think of them as good chickens. Enjoy.

These are Barred Rocks. Note the distinctive yellow legs and sharp, crisp barring.


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