Feet problems- don't think it is Bumblefoot... Pics enclosed!

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    hi All--
    one of our roos "Big Chuck" has had swollen & red spots on his feet for the past few days. His toes are swollen too. I took some pictures after soaking them for about 10 mins or so in a hot water solution with salt. I have read all about bumblefoot- but I can not find any black or scabby areas at all. Just red & swollen, Anyone have any ideas? I can post more pics if I need to. I would appreciate any help!

    thanks!! :)

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    There is something called infectious synovitis that i would look up if i were you. I dont know much about it.
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    That is scaly leg mites. Put some Nu-Stock on it.

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    I have a roo that has red swollen legs & feet. The bottom of his feet look alot like your pics. The legs of tops of his feet are just red & swollen. I've used oil, de powder, and been using Nu Stock (on my 2nd tube) since the day b4 Thanksgiving. I have to say the nu stock seem to help a little he stopped holding his feet up, but still way red. I've been doing every 3 days, and Monday he was holding his feet up again. So put some more Nu Stock & de powder monday am, tuesday pm, and will reapply tonite. Fingers crossed. Don't really know what else to do. Let us know what u treated w/ and effectiveness.
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    yep gotta be mites. Poor guy!
  7. where are his toe nails?

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    Could be bumblefoot (presenting on top rather than bottom), cellulitis, scale mites, or combo of all.

    I recommend soaking the poor guy's feet in warm water (hot but doesn't burn your hand) w/ a cup of Epsom salt in the water and dosing w/ an antibiotic for several days. If you don't have a farm store handy, see if your local pet store has something like Sergeant's Tetracycline for Birds (powder 8pk/250 mg each) or a fish-grade amoxicillan. You might consider adding a broad spectrum non-antibiotic disinfectant such as Tetra Lifeguard (available at pet stores) to the soak water as well.

    If any scabs are present, gently remove the scab, and try to open the wound by pulling it apart at the wound edges vs. squeezing it. Rinse the wound with hydrogen peroxide (first soak only), and try to gently clean out any pus. Subsequent use of hydrogen peroxide can actually slow healing of exposed wounds. Apply an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (without the pain reliever additive) to the wound and margins. Apply a good coat of regular Vasoline on the remainder of the leg, covering all scales to the feather line and between his toes.

    Pad the wound with a clean gauze pad and wrap with vet wrap. Clean, flush, and rewrap until antibiotic regiment (roughly one week) is complete.

    If treating w/ antibiotics, diarrhea may occur. If so, supplement some probiotic yogurt (like Activia) to his diet to help restore digestive bacteria balance.
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    This chicken does have scaley leg mites, but not severe case of those. Those mites do not usually cause major swelling & pain. This bird has an unusual situation.

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