12 Years
Jan 22, 2008
I haven't thought to ask this before but does anyone here follow the Feingold diet for your kids or yourself?

We've had our son Chris on it for three years now, although we do have plenty of times where we fall off the wagon and start to eat junk, but it usually doesn't last long.

If you don't know what it is go to

We have had very good, noticeable results. Three years ago Chris was in the local public school having a very hard time settling down after lunch and paying attention in class. So when spring break came and I knew I could control his diet 100%, we started. It took a couple of days, but we started to see a little change. He wasn't getting as mad over little stuff like he normally would, his moods had started to even out(before he was very up and down in his moods getting angry very fast over simple things like picking up something he dropped)

We had an ARD meeting the week after spring break(He was in the speech program). I didn't tell anyone there that we had changed his diet. People started telling us how much better he was doing, they couldn't believe it. I told them about it then and they all said to keep it up because they noticed a difference. We ended up taking him out of there and homeschooling, but they were very supportive about not giving anything that I did not approve.

It took a couple of months, mostly during the summer where once again I had more control over what he ate, and keeping a food journal where I wrote down what he ate and kept tract of any reactions he had.

It's hard sometimes to stay on it, especially when he complains, and expensive at times, but really worth it. We follow the diet 90% of the time, although I'm not picky about it and let have whatever he wants at birthday parties and if we go out. But I just thought I would share our experience. If anyone wants to share their experience or ask questions, please do.

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