Feline chicken herder

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    Jun 26, 2009
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    We didn't let our cats near the chicks as they were growing up, because we were pretty sure what would happen. And when we moved the chickens to their outdoor coop, our male cat, Cosmo, would sit outside the fence of the run and swat at the chickens whenever they got close enough.
    So we were very careful when we started letting the chickens out of the run to free-range, we kept a close eye on Cosmo. The first moment he saw them outside he got down like a predator on the hunt, then he charged but stopped short and just laid down next to the chickens. Then the chickens started challenging him and he stood his ground but didn't hurt them. Then something amazing happened...he became the chicken herder. If one or two of the chickens got separated from the flock he would herd them back together. He loves to keep a close eye on them. And whenever he isn't right next to them, he takes a high spot somewhere nearby and watches them from above!!!
    I just thought I'd share the story of my amazing Chicken-herding cat!!!! I tried to post pictures but I couldn't figure it out.
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    Very cool! [​IMG]

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