Female and Male Leghorns?


13 Years
Sep 27, 2009
Healdsburg, California
I have two Leghorns crosses...Leghorn mom, Buttercup Dad.

The one (on left) with the straight tail seems a little more aggressive, the feathers are more developed, and it's bigger.
Is this a female?

Thank you
Pictures are not good,but we can see the comb and that meens they both are roosters.At that age girls do not have any comb
Drat! I was hoping at least one of them was a female,
they seem so different. Thank you for your replies..
I am learning, and I am grateful for Backyards!!

Actually, leghorn pullets often have large, floppy combs... that develop faster than a rooster's. I know this from experience. Also white leghorn females will have white ears and the roosters will have red ears.

Our pullets also had long erect tail feathers.

Here's a pic of one of our white leghorn pullets:


And this one is a rooster:

Yes, I am thinking the same thing.... if not for the Leghorn part, I'd say both cockerels.... but given the Leghorn I'd say you'll have to wait and see if they develop those pointy saddle feathers
I'm thinking the slower feathering one is cockerel and the one with the long pointy tail... MAYBE a pullet. Here's hoping anyways
Leghorn roos have white earlobes just like the hens. If they have red earlobes, they aren't pure leghorn or they are a different breed altogether.
I'm sorry I was told differently by a leghorn person???

All ours with red ears were roos, the white eared were pullets, and the pullets had huge floppy combs. *shrug*

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