female call duck with both wing drooping

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    My girl, Foo, had one wing droopy for about 1.5 months (she also seemed to get very quiet at the time). Now both are drooping. They (I have her and Puddles her brother, as well as Pearl, a blue swedish female. All are almost a year old). Both girls are laying eggs and have been for some time. Foo seems much quieter then she used to be too. This was going on even when it was cold out, so don't believe it is to cool off. They are on a diet of Mazuri waterfowl maintenance, as well as fresh greens floated in their water every day. She seems fine otherwise, but now with both wings hanging, I am getting a bit nervous. (I went through angel wing with Pearl, had to tape her and changed diet, and her wings are fine now. She has had two episodes of egg paralysis, but both passed and she was fine the next day.) Any ideas? Foo used to be very vocal, so it is the combination of those two that are making me question it. Thank you.

    This is what they have been on: http://www.mazuri.com/mazuriwaterfowlmaintenance.aspx
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    Sometimes it's muscle problems, or she may have a systemic infection.

    If a vet is a possibility, I'd take her in.

    Aside from that, you can make some guesses. Since she's a layer, egg yolk peritonitis is a possibility, and has been successfully treated with Baytril. Some vets do not realize it can be treated.

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