Female Cayuga coughing

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    Nov 1, 2012
    My female Cayuga Mama Peaches started to cough once in a while about two weeks ago. I thought nothing of it that maybe something was stuck like a piece of food or something. Tonight my husband informed me he was thinking about culling her to put her out of her misery because the cough is pretty bad. There is no discharge that we can see...she eats and drinks with her boys. She has been with her boys the entire time and they are not coughing or anything. Our weather has been very bipolar lately... we had snow 3 weeks ago.. then 70 degree weather.. now its going to get cold again. I don't want her culled... we had to cull her mate because be was attacked by a fox and his skull was fractured. I keep reading about antibiotics... where can I get some? During the day they are outside but as soon as it starts to get dark we bring them into the garage into an inside pen. Mama hates to be outside towards dusk because that was the time of day her mate was attacked. PLEASE help me. I'm trying to put my husband off about culling her.
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    Antibiotics are available at most feed stores, but you might try posting on the duck thread to get advice from other duck folks. I'm not sure what diseases affect ducks.

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