Female chasing Male


May 6, 2020
The other day I posted to pigeons that I don’t know their gender and people on this platform were saying they are females then my friend who know pigeons come to my house and check them and he convince me that I have a male and a female just that it’s an aggressive female but what I don’t understand now is the so called aggressive female is chasing the male. I don’t understand what is going on and by the way the male is larger than the aggressive female and coo louder than her but they both dance
Can anyone help please ??
Oct 18, 2018
Can you post a video? It hard to say what they are, just going by a description.

take one out for a couple hours, out of sight. Put it back in. If they both start cooing, and brushing their tails on the ground, I would guess you have two males. If only one is brushing it's a tail in the ground, that one is probably your male. If neither of them do it, it's probably two hens. Although two hens don't normally fight.

did your neck for flecking like I suggested in the last post you made?

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