Female chicken MATING with other female CHICKENS!

Chicken Charlotte

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9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I dont understand she did it for awile stoped then started doing it again!
we have that does that and we named her lesbo chicken!
I have a rooster that will mate anything..and everything He really likes ducks...males and females equally. tries to catch pigeons but luckly the racing homers are to fast..worst was the feeder...nobody else would eat from it...ok..I might have made the feeder part up but the rest is gospel...I keep moving when I am in the pen..don't want none of that kinky stuff
wow i was going to agree with "crtrlovr" i thought hens only did that when there was no rooster around, i had a new hampshire hen that used to do that and it was very obvious she was the matriarch of my flock but it stopped when i got my first rooster, from what i have read it is normal for a hen to assert dominance in this way.
On a lighter note if she runs from your rooster when he tries to mount her she might really be a lesbo chicken!
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