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dot n'dave

10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I have a flock of six Black East Indies. ALL female. They are about 5 1/2 months old.
So today I noticed some serious grooming going on in the water bowl. One will stand there, while another roughly grooms it (and also pulling feathers dominantly). I hadn't ever noticed this before (they usually preen themselves). While being groomed the duck will stick her tail feathers up and put her head down. Yes, I am new to ducks this year, but I can see they want to breed! They have been taking turns doing this.

What should we do? Look for some drakes? Are we being mean, not having any boys in there? Will this go on forever?


10 Years
Jan 12, 2010
lol, just be glad none of them have decided on you for a mate.... my girl goose has been very "needy" and thinks I'm going to help with her particular situation... yesterday she was so frustrated she litteraly started goosing me!


Overrun with Runners
10 Years
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
Hello, dot n'dave!

I was just thinking of you all today! Our girls, sixteen weeks old, have been displaying breeding behavior for weeks. They act out - one on top, vent to vent, and so forth, grabbing each other by the neck feathers . . . .

My thought is that it is just hormone-driven behavior and as long as no one gets hurt, they can manage it as they see fit. They "tell" me how romantic they are feeling, and I pet them on the shoulder and explain that the feeling will pass.

It seems they don't really need a drake. A drake might even be overly aggressive, from what I have read. At least I don't plan on adding a drake to the flock this year. Enough I have eleven late-adolescent females to manage. If I decide we want to have hatching eggs, I will come up with a plan then.

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