Female duck with hard abdomen

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    Hello all,

    I have a 3 year old female pekin that is not doing well.

    Here are Her symptoms:

    Hasn't laid any eggs in a few weeks, even given the time of year, for the past two years she has laid all through out winter, though the weather has been snowy and cold lately and she is getting older so I attributed it to that.

    Her abdomen is hard and distended.

    She feels very heavy.

    She is still pooping but it's always a brown runny consistency. I will try to get a picture of that.

    I think I feel an egg in there but I am not sure.

    She is losing her feathers rapidly and given its still winter it's a little early for that and she is the only one in my flock doing so.

    She will not let me lay her on her back. And is very agitated today, not a normal thing for her.

    I have found two spots on her foot that may have been bumblefoot that is now healing. I did not notice her limping but we just got through a 3 foot snow storm so I wasn't able to be out there much. So I was considering the possibility of two issues occurring. The staph infection and maybe egg bound?

    I have placed her in warm water and she had no problems preening. Though she seems to keep pulling at Her feathers underneath.

    She is eating.

    I have never done a vent exam so I am leary to do that though I will, I just don't want to do any damage.

    We have no vets in the area that will take ducks.

    I included a frontal picture , a lower body picture,a picture of her most recent poo,She had peas last night so this time it was green and not brown. and in the picture of me holding her, my fingers are placed on either side of a hard lump (maybe egg?), you can see the placement of it, though obviously when she stands it appears much farther down the body, and I can shift it a little though I don't want to in case it causes damage or pain.

    Anyone have some suggestions? Better diagnostic procedures?




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    I have very little knowledge about ducks, but chickens can have internal laying problems that can lead to abdominal infection. Ascites or fluid in the belly from heart or liver failure, as well as egg yolk peritonitis can occur and may cause a hard drum-like belly with fluid. That can lead to difficulty breathing, and fluid can be removed periodically with an 18 gauge needle. Her is the duck thread on which I think you will receive much better help: https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/42/ducks
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    Did you find an answer to this? I have a duck with same symptoms

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