female ducks not interested in the drake.


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Can anyone give me some advice please. I have 8 ducks, a drake and 3 female Cayuga and a drake and 3 female Welsh Harlequins. The problem is 2 of the female Welsh harlequins are bonded. They were the only 2 hatched out of a batch of shipped eggs so grew up together. When I fill all the water pools one of these females 'mates' with the other and the other clearly enjoys it. The female who always ends up on top of the other female is a silver phase, all three others including the drake are gold phase so she looks different to them too. The 2 are definitely female, I have 3 eggs every morning. I don't have a problem having a gay couple in the flock but my drake is getting frustrated and I have limited space so don't want anymore ducks to make up numbers for him. What do I do? The 4 Welshies are together in one duck house at night and the cayuga in another but the 8 ducks are together in the day.

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Oh my - sorry I don't know anything about ducks but, go to "Other Backyard Poultry," forum above and you will find threads about ducks. The duck people should be able to answer your questions. Hope things turn out for you

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