Female Indian Runner Duck needs home in Oregon


In the Brooder
10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Our beloved duck has lost her companion and our neighbors are not happy about her vocalizing her loneliness. We have considered getting another Indian Runner for her but can't find any resources here in Oregon.
If anyone knows of a place for her -or- knows where we can find a new Indian Runner companion for her we would very much appreciate the help.
I had a friend just in Portland last week-end. I am sorry, I hope you find a home for her soon or better yet a friend!
Would you consider a Khaki Campbell solution?

We're in a similar situation with different details. Our first ducks, five Khaki Campbells, have matured enough to show their gender and three of them are drakes. We must find new homes for at least one of the males and will be looking for at least two more females. We're on the Olympic Peninsula, about five hours away from Portland...could meet you half way, if you're interested in obtaining a Khaki Campbell drake or rehoming your Indian Runner with some of her Khaki Campbell cousins.

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