Female, Male, Agression?

Nov 6, 2018
San Antonio, Texas
So I have two lovebirds one of them is my profile picture whom is named sparky, But I have been having a few questions. So Sparky is a real sweet heart and this is his second mate because his first one passed away, Rose ( that's her name) is fairly mean but loves to have all the attention. At first I thought both of them where opposite genders but then I did the pelvic test and Sparky seems to have the pelvic bones closer than rose. The guy I got them from said that sparky was male and rose was a female, Then they are old enough to have eggs but yet I see none even in spring. I did see Rose *cough cough* Mounting sparky but that got me even more confused because when Sparky's first mate died he was mounting the stick that was on the floor of the cage and pulling his feathers out. Then rose always breaks out a fight with him and I have to stop them and 20 seconds later they are all cuddled up to each other. like did sparky have a gender change? or what? any ideas? thank you.


Crossing the Road
7 Years
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
Lovebirds can be fussy about their partners and it sounds like these two are not a good match. When my sister got a pair (years ago now) the female wouldn't let the male eat because she did not like him. They'd cuddle up just fine but she could be mean, so we had to swap her. I just did a quick bit of research and female lovebirds will mount other lovebirds as a display of dominance. So Rose may well be a female, just a very bossy one.

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