Female Mallard is weak and laying soft eggs


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Mar 20, 2018
My mother's female mallard, Little Bossy, had her first lay last year. She laid right on time (between mid-March and the end of July), and with the exception of the first few eggs being soft, the rest were normal and there were no problems at all.

She started to lay again about a week ago, and it hasn't gone smoothly. All of her eggs have been soft and small, and she's very tired. Today she was having a difficult time getting around, and has kept her tail low. I took the girls (hens and ducks) some banana slices and Bossy Brown was very excited, but couldn't walk for long before sitting down. She has shown no interest in getting into the pond, but has been going to the waterer to groom herself.

Her bowel movements look and smell normal, bright eyes, normal feathers, no discharge from any areas, and no external injuries.

I don't think it's a diet concern, although I have been making sure she eats some collards and cooked butternut squash for extra calcium. I thought the weather going from hot to cold, and heat to sleet, might have played a role, but the other birds are laying normally. We haven't had any issues with predators since December, so that isn't a contributor, either. And there aren't any drakes nor roosters to stress her out.

I don't want it to be an internal issue, but at this point I'm not sure what else it could be. I believe my mother is going to be in touch with a vet tomorrow morning, but if anyone has any information on helping Little Bossy until then, it would be greatly appreciated!
She may have an infection. Probably best to let a vet look at her then if she needs an antibiotic they can prescribe .

Please let us know what you all find out.

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