Female Mallard respiratory problem!!

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    Dec 18, 2012
    I have a duck that is gasping for air she can't breathe. I watch my flocky daily! I saw she was not acting right at first I thought she was choking she was not she has some respiratory problem going on. Can someone tell me what to do? The vet told me just to send her off dead and see what happen get her examine by Ohio State, I'm like really! I want to help her!!! I've been trying to get her to eat with yogurt and honey but she has enough strength to fight me and bite my finger and not let go and she never does that. I would be doing that if I was having trouble breathing also. It seems like she cannot breathe out of her nose. I have been giving her worm medicine to see if it was gape worm it’s been really wet do to the snow then rain we got here. I cleaned out my barn and I make sure bedding is dry each time it rains or snows pretty much check. I have a nice condo coop for them, with nice vents on each side. Could it be mold? I need an opinion and what to do for her!!!! ASAP!! Thank you so much! Also I've been giving her vitamins and apple cider... Also an antibiotic.
    The First night I brought her inside I let her swim around in the tub. She seem a little better the next day. (Which is today). There are not a lot of vets around here that deal with poultry. :( I considered that it could be a fungal infection. I don't know what to buy that would be safe to give her. That is not prescription but I could get over the counter. I'm willing to do anything. She is an older duck she is about 12.
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    Have you tried posting on the duck forum? Amiga and MissLydia and others may be able to help. Do you have something for them to wash their faces in? I'm not knowledgeable about ducks, but seem to recall that they need something like that.
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    I don't have anything to wash there faces in. But I do wash there bills and feet with toothpaste I've done that for years.
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    Rule out plugged nares first by doing what Miss Lydia and Amiga suggested (luke warm bath). [​IMG] Many things can cause the type of breathing you describe. I personally have seen it in the following:

    • Obstruction in esophagus that puts pressure on the trachea
    • Gapeworms
    • Plugged nares
    • Respiratory infection
    • Sinus infection
    • Fungal infection
    • Ascites
    • Intestinal bacterial infection
    • Impending death
    • Air sac mites

    If your duck is still eating and drinking, I doubt it's about to die, but I thought I should add it because it is something I have seen too many times.

    Gapeworms are not that common (I've only seen them once), but they are treatable with 10% Safeguard at 0.1 ml per pound for three days, but if it were my duck, I would want to treat for capillary worms, too, so I would give 0.23ml per pound for 5 days. That dose for that many days will get 'em all (except flukes).
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