Female Moscovy duck "Broody"

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Sharonmomof3, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Aug 17, 2013
    So our duck to my understanding has gone "Broody". Se went from being loveable, sweet & cuddly to mean, biting, puffing out her feathers, not eating & staying in her hen house. Plus she is molting. She's a great egg layer, at least one a day with going in cycles of not laying a few weeks here & there. We have been taking her eggs as we always do every morning. We have no males. She is a lone female. She has not laid any eggs the past few days but has been acting like this for the past few weeks. Should we NOT collect the eggs? will they hatch w/out a male around? We were told she will be like this for about 35 days?...We have never had a duck before. We have only had her for 4 months as someone dumped her at my husbands work. She would have been hit by a car so we brought her home to care for her.

    Not sure how to make her feel better...:(

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    The eggs cannot hatch if you have no drake they won't be fertile. If you can accommodate more birds you could find some fertile ones for her to try and set on. Now, molting will quite commonly disrupt egg laying.

    I break most of my broodies by continuing my egg removal they will usually get past it within a few days, some are worse and may carry on for a week or more, depends on the bird, Muscovy females on the whole are broody and determined,

    Is she alone? does she have any other birds with her at all? chickens etc? ducks being flock animals do best with having companions.


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