Female Pekin "Pi" sick


Dec 15, 2015
Ardmore, OK
New to backyard chicken
Have read hundreds of posts and need help
Have a female Pekin and raised her since 6 weeks old
Female "Pi" has been fine, noisy and laying until a few weeks ago
She stopped laying, walks with a hunch, and uses wings to balance. Real strange as in shoving herself into the corner of the pen, beak has spots on it, eyes look sunk in
Took her to the vet, vet stated no stuck egg, gave her several shots of vitamins, calcium and Baytril pills
Brought her home, gave pills, was eating a little out of my hand, not much
She doesn't seem to be getting better, won't eat
Loves swimming in pond though, drinking a lot
Have added mineral oil, charcoal to water
Have given pedialyte in water. Don't know what to do as she won't eat anything and I've offered everything... Any ideas?
I lost the male about a week ago, he had no symptoms just flapped wings while walking and gasped and passed. Pi symptoms were the same before his death as they are now
Please help, I'm at a loss and don't know what to do

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What a shame you don't have a vet that really knows anything about ducks. Being ill for so long it's probably beyond the stage where she could have been helped. If she and the male had the same symptoms - it may be a contagious disease.

Please post in detail on the "Duck thread." they may be able to identify the problem. I know ducks can have a niacin deficiency but, I don't know if the symptoms are similar to what your birds had. If she does pass away please try to get her to a vet for a necropsy - so you may learn what the problem was.


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Dec 12, 2013
Welcome to BYC, I'm sorry it's not under better circumstances.

You've already been given some good links and good advice so I'll just say, hope your bird gets better and thanks for joining us.


Dec 15, 2015
Ardmore, OK
Thank you for all your input
She is eating today, I'm so excited
Male didn't have any symptoms
She seems to be doing better
I have six chickens also and they are in a 10'x20' dog run 6' high
I bought more panels and she is next to them but has her own pond now
But just excited she is eating
Just not sure which remedy worked but something did
Will keep my fingers crossed

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