female quail being pecked in head

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    I am new to raising quail. I have about 20 bobwhites. but anyway about 2 weeks ago, my first quail starting laying. but since they have reached maturity level, the males have begun tearing apart my females heads. i have plenty of females for my males, (2 females for 1 male). are they doing this when mating? it is happening to all my females and i dont know what to do? should i take out some males? right now when i see one being pecked, i put it in a crate (the intensive care box, i call it) and they heal just fine. but what can i do to stop this?????? need help!!!!!
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    Bobwhites need to be paired off, male to female. Rarely can you keep two breeding females with one male together. One of the females may kill the other. So separate them into pairs. Bobwhites mate for life with one mate and are not colony breeding birds.

    It is normal for the female to lose some feathers on her head as when the male mounts her, he grabs the feathers on her head. But there shouldn't be any scalping going on.

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