Female starving Herself?????


11 Years
Apr 11, 2008
I have a pair of Pearl Guinea hens, and my feed dealer told me to never let my female nest because if she sits on the nest and doesn't see other females getting off their nests to eat and drink, she isn't going to move. Is this true? I was hoping that I could allow Taylor (my female) to nest next spring so that I could have some keets for when the school groups come out to tour.
my GS raises guianas and she gets off to eat and roam for a while with the other guianas, then goes back to her nest. she just hatched 14 and they are so cute. but I have noticed the male will stay close by his mate until she hatches.All he does is feed them some corn, they stay at my house most of the time. and when winter comes, and all the leaves fall, they roost in the cedar tree behind our house. Love the fact they keep all the ticks down. first summer NO TICKS. MARRIE
They wont starve themselves to death let her be they have been doing it for thousands of years raising little ones and they are good at it only thing i suggest is when she hatches pull the keets off from her to keep her from dragging them through the wet grass and killing them. I have had great luck doing this hope this helps
guineas will lay in 1 nest if there is more than 1 hen. usually they will let the eggs build up to about 20 or so before going broody. a friend of mine has alot of free ranging guineas & he has had hens hatch like forty eggs at a time. if you don't want her to hatch them, you can wait till there is about 6 eggs & replace them with 6 golf balls & hatch them in an incubator. she will keep laying there for a while until she get tired of you invading her nest.
I personally plan on fooling them with wooden eggs and giving the real ones to my chicken hens. I heard that chicken moms are better and there is less mortality. I see you have a few chickens. Besides if you keep pulling away the eggs, and they want to see a certain # of eggs, you can get more out of them. I usually rely on Ag store personel to be knowledgeable, but one of my last experiences.....that was not the case. That is a long story in itself.

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