Fence Charger strong enough for Coyotte??

With boat anchors, they say there is no substitute for displacement. Bigger is always better. My thoughts are the same thing exists with fencers. I'd want a fencer that is going to put at least 7,000 volts on the line.

I use these and they run about double that on my fences, which tend to be measured in hundreds of feet, not miles.


It does not have to be one of these, just one like it. Touch one of those and your dentures may fly 10 feet. A coyote touching that fence will let go a yip that will be the yip heard round the world. That kind of painful voltage. Everything else costs the same, so I'm willing to pay the slight amount of extra to get those kind of results. You do not want a tickle, you want a violent painful shock that will send them running, with no desire whatsoever to return.....ever.
I will begin by saying I leave all things electrical up to my husband, but I was with him when we bought our charger. We got the solar charged medium charger from Tractor Supply. The packaging showed which predators it would be effective against. The smallest was not enough for coyotes, but I believe the mid-grade was. Sorry I don't remember actual measurements. Plus we went ahead and factored in a near-future expansion... plus he is like The Tool Man... more power AARR AARR!

Good luck juicing up your coop!

PS) And much like Tim, The Tool Man, Taylor... he just had to touch it after got all charged up. He said it should handle our critters.
With your charger, fencing, and grounding rods all in place, use your fence tester to see what charge your have. Ours runs from nine to seven thousand, sometimes a bit less, and is NOT nice to handle! If your new charger is inadequate, get a bigger one. Mary

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