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It depends on whether you can afford to lose any chickens or not. It also can depend on your set up, and whether predators are aware of your birds. I prefer to risk it for the benefits, and we provide cover and our donkeys keep out many predators. Others don't want to risk it. It is a personal decision, only you can decide how you want to manage your chickens.


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Foxes can be very bold! Any fence that will keep out dogs should keep out foxes. As for hawks, eagles, etc. a net over the top is excellent.

If you want to fence in a very large area then stringing fishing line back and forth over the pen with dangling and flashing bits can help reduce raptor attacks. (surveyors tape or old CDs work well).

I have had bald Eagles bust through nylon fishing net to successfully kill my chickens, but sturdy concrete reinforcing wire has been excellent and held up under heavy wet snow.

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