fencing entire property?

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    I'm not sure this is the appropriate forum, so please excuse and advise if not. I've just had most of my land cleared so that we can have pasture for the horses. Up until now, my chickens have stayed close to the house, and within eye shot. I think partly because they didn't want to venture into the wooded area. Now that wooded area is gone, with the exception of some standing trees and a ten foot buffer between the property and the street. I know the danger of predators when they free range, and accept those risks. They are only out when I am out as well, and I cut down on the risks as much as possible. My concern is making sure my chickens don't leave my property. This may sound a bit insane, but I do not trust my neighbors not to harm them. I also do not trust that they wouldn't get run over by somebody driving too fast. We live on a private road and people tend to treat it as their own race track. The chickens have five acres, and they are pretty much allowed where ever they like. I just need some ideas for a reasonably priced way to keep them in the five acres.
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    Livestock fencing at Lowe's here is in a 330' roll for about $118. It flexes, has openings that are smaller at the bottom and get larger at the top. It won't keep in small chicks, but will corral those at 3 months old or so. It can be hung on steel U-posts you get at the same place that are a few dollars each, depending on the height of the post. I find this the most cost effective way to do it. I'm currently fencing my original acreage while we attempt to sell adjoining acreage we acquired later on as an investment. Now that the economy has gone in the toilet, now seemed the right time. My girls do wander further, the more trees we clear and they know where the fence currently stops. I have to retrieve Ginger the Explorer and all her followers every couple of days, so now we're pushing to finish the enclosure.

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