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Mar 7, 2008
I would also like to get 2 large goats to live in my horse pasture. My question is fencing, I have heard different things from different people. I have electric rope fencing. The first strand is about 8-12" from the ground, the next two are about that same distance above the first and the top strand is about 5 feet. This has worked well to keep dogs out, and I think my horse would help with that problem, but will this fence keep the goats in? It is really hot and I am interested in larger breeds of goats.



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Sep 19, 2007
Thurmont, MD
I am also getting 2 goats. I have 2X4 inch wire fence all the way around, but wanted to fence off a small part just for the goats. I read on BYC that some have success with electric and other's don't. I drive by a farm with about 40 goats and they have 6 strands of elec fence with the lowest about 6 inches off of the ground and a strand every 6 inches. All of their goats stay in, except one little one that is always on the outside of the pasture. I actually saw him jump through the other morning.

What I have been told but the goat people I visited is that some goats just really like to get out. Some don't. Not sure that helps, but that is what I have learned over the last 30 days.


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Jan 3, 2008
I don't know if eletric fencing would work, cause they are escape artists. I have the kind of fencing that has the smaller holes on the bottom and work up to larger at the top. (wire). Also have the gates with the wire attached or they will go thru! As one person told me, fencing for goats almost needs to be waterproof!! (as if water can't get thru it) But it is worth making sure they are secure, or it is a real pain!! I have pygmy goats, boers and some dairy crosses.


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Jul 9, 2007
Blue Mound, Kansas
Goats are smart and they can hear when the current goes thru the wire and will wait till it isnt and then they will get out. I have the 2x4 fencing with cattle panels on the other side as they love to rub on fences and it will bend . You have to make sure the fence is far enough down they cant get under it and tall enough they cant get over. I have Nigerians and mine dont get out...to well fed...lol...but we did have a buck that could jump out all the time. Well he isnt here anymore as I got tired of putting him back in his pen with the other bucks...he was a romantic, but didnt was popcycle kids. My buck pen is made with the 2x4 horse panels and are 5' tall and so far so good, this type is good if the does are close as this way no fence breedings either. Regular square wire is flexible and it does happen. Goats can crawl if they want to get out and jump when they want out too...Good luck with your choice..

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