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  1. wayneh

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    If you read my "our super chick" post, you will know we are building a pen. we have 5 chicks and do not plan on having any more that 6 or 7 max. our pen plans are for a 50x40 area with 6 ft. welded wire fencing. we are not planning on putting a top on the pen. the area we are fencing has several large bushes, they loved them when they freeranged, for hidding and hunting bugs. they are in a 12x12x5 dog kennel not and have not attempted to fly out. now the big question. will this area be suitable for up to 7 chicks? and with trees and bushes will it need to be covered? we don't really want to cover it, but if we have to. so be it.
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    General rule of thumb is 10 square feet per bird...so 70 sq feet for 7. I think your run has more than got you covered. Sounds like chickie paradise.

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