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    I posted yesterday that two of my black sex links jumped our fence and were subsequently "played" with by the neighbors dogs. So, now i need to increase the height of our chicken yard fence.

    A floppy fence made from chicken wire was recommend, but the concern here is that the back part of the run, the part we're concerned with them getting over, is our neighbors chain link fence. Our neighbors are our "adopted grandparents" so adding to the fence is no big deal. But I would still like to make it attractive and appealing.

    Any recommendations?

    Ill post a picture or two in a few.
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    The fence around my run is 6 feet tall. None has gotten over it without help. My roosters had gotten out a couple of times. When it dawned on me that the toy perch I had put in the run was 24 inches tall and probably the way the roosters gained enough height to clear the fence. I took it out and the problem disappeared.

    Where my chickens forage has a 4 foot chain link fence. They stay inside. The fenced area is 3/4 acre, so they may have no interest in getting out.

    It is possible to simply add a run of 2 foot wide fencing to the top of what you have.

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    If you have a flighty bird, you can clip the flight feathers and that will keep it on the ground (or at least lower so it can't fly over the fence). I just lose one of my roosters when he flew over the fence to presumably challenge a predator. He dissappeard with nothing but a trail of feathers through the underbrush. It was the first time he had ever gone over the fence.

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