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8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
JOur hens were in the backyard on the property line and my neighbors were really upset. They have a dog with an electric fence and they don't want the dog to break through the fence, even though our hens were still on our side. There was a wood pile keeping them from going any further. She said she didn't want a feud starting if her dog broke through the electric fence. My husband and I put chicken wire 20-30 feet in the woods to keep the dog from "seeing" our hens. :(. They are losing a lot of nice wooded area back there. They hate our chickens, but are always asking for us eggs.

Next spring we are going to chain link our property, well a very good size of it. We will border our front and sides that will go back into the woods. We will move chicken wire in the woods right on the property line. We will have to gate our driveway. Our property is 4 acres, so this will not be cheap. I emailed them right away assuring our girls will not cross the property line. I think I might have to clip their wings, but our property is so big they should be happy enough.

I'm kinda excited about it. It will keep stray dogs out and keep our dogs in. Our dogs protect our house and property. I want the hunter green color. I'm not sure if they will be happy about it though, they do not like fences. We are allowed chain link only, no privacy fence(bummer). The land survey should be cheap. The markers are in place and we have several copies of the plot.

Last thing we need is our neighbors upset that our hens set foot on their land. I think this is the best solution. I'm happy about gating our driveway, for the safety of people not breaking in too. It's a win win for everyone!

Since we had the hens I've wanted a fence to keep them in. Right now I do supervise all their free ranging just to make sure they are not going onto either side of the neighbors property and for hawks.

If we fence in our whole property, we could get a couple horses too! Although there would be no good riding areas. We are on farm land and are allowed cows, pigs, goats, horses, ect...
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They hate your chickens but like the eggs? Don't want to start a feud? I'd think the price of your eggs should go up.

Anyway, I admire the honest of your neighbor. It is very true about the dog getting loose, and it sounds like they are trying to keep the dog confined. So, now you have to be a good neighbor and keep your birds off their land. Not only will a good fence improve the relationship with your neighbor, proper fencing will keep other predators at bay.

I've always told my husband I want a 20 foot tall cement block fence around our property. Sometimes I simply don't want to deal with the outside world and a giant fence with electrified razor wire would be perfect.
They only fence one dog, the other one poops in our yard all the time. Since its a small dog, they say the poop disintegrates quickly. We don't say anything since we don't usually walk over there. When she came over to talk to me, her dog pooped in my front yard and laughed about it.

They haven't been so nice in the past. They told us if we ever got a rooster, she was going to send her dog over to eat it. She told the neighbor across the street if they got a rooster, they would call the police on them. :/ We are allowed roosters and the neighbors across the street accidentally got one.

They also store their very large things on our side of the property. This is another reason why I'm happy about the fence.
"I've always told my husband I want a 20 foot tall cement block fence around our property. Sometimes I simply don't want to deal with the outside world and a giant fence with electrified razor wire would be perfect."

@the oldchick!!!!
I wouldn't sell eggs to her.
I have one neighbor that lives around the block is a complete brat she told me she would buy eggs weekly i get to the door and she yells at me for coming by to deliver the eggs that SHE wanted and the I made sure to have... well lets just say if she does want eggs now she gets them for $6 instead of $4 cause she is so mean... most the time after deliveries i only have 5 dozen eggs for the month for me (we bought 30 more hens so i don't have that problem) but still i make sure we have the eggs to deliver and she is just mean so i don't deliver to her i just walk right by...

and with you neighbor saying she will sick her dog on your rooster (if you get one) make sure you let her know you are allowed to have one.( you may have to have permission from one neighbor adjacent to you just for good measure ) I'm lucky my neighbors love the wake up calls from my roosters.

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