Well bearfoot farm, i'm planning to use 4-10x6, and 2-10x4, chain link panels. it was a dog lot but is being reused, when it makes it to tennessee next month. i want to line the chain link-to keep out pred. and make a roof and floor from some kind of fencing.
Any suggestions would be great, where to buy at the best cost even cooler!
I used it and it worked fine. I did clip my girls wings because they started flying out. I don't have a roof on my run but this fence worked for keeping them in but maybe not keeping predators out. I have no problems around here with predators. (Knock on Wood)
my problem is I have about every predator know! the list is shorter for what we have not seen, that what's in our area-that's why we have a donkey. So, any suggestions on what to face chain link with up about 30 Inches?

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