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    Mar 21, 2013
    So in the spring I plan on getting some runners, giant pekin, khaki Campbell's and 3 white Chinese geese.... I am wondering if normal field fencing has two big of holes or can I use it? Or am I better off with welded wire? I am going to get four foot high either way. I plan on copping them up at night in their house and then letting them run around the fenced in area... There is a run off that flow every time it rains in the area I plan on building (behind the fainting goats lol so going to build a pond in there and let it flow through pen so every time it rains fresh water to play in and no rain I will just drain and refill...
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    Paige wire? It's to large most of the smaller birds will just walk right through, i have some for my horses and they duck(lol) underneath as well as the small females go through the squares.

    Welded wire would be the better choice, i have some around my sheep paddock, and they cannot get in there unless they fly in lol
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    Mar 21, 2013
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    That looks similar to what I use


    And it works well for daytime. Just to be on the safe side, I also wrapped coated small-diameter (one inch) chicken wire around the bottom two feet to make it harder for things to reach through in their Day Pen. But at night, they are in a very secure building.

    I did not put the chicken wire around the two larger fenced areas - they are only in those areas when I am close by.

    Once they are adult sizes, that woven wire works fine. I will say that twice in 3.5 years, a duck has gotten her head woven through the wire. [​IMG]

    The first time, it took me over half an hour to realize something had happened, and the second time, just a few minutes. I watch them fairly closely.

    The first one scraped her jaw and strained some muscles, but she recovered well. The second was just annoyed.

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