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Herp Lover

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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
El Mirage, Ca
Does anyone have experience with feral cats around Chickens? I took in 3 feral cats and have always wanted to find them a safe place to live out their life as feral cats but I could not find a safe home for them but now that we have moved to a place that is safer for outdoor cats I want to let them live on our property but am a bit worried about one of the cats who has a high pray drive. She has gone after my Cockatiels and my rats but is fine with my 2lb house rabbit so I am not really sure how she will do around chickens. Has any one had problems with feral cats going after their Chickens.


7 Years
Dec 2, 2012
Winton, California
i have several feral cats around my place that have never got after my adult chickens. But when the chicks were young about 10 weeks old i had one get a chick and i ended up dying on me. so i would be careful until the chickens are older.

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