Feral pony


Free Ranging
Feb 11, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
Hi everyone, I recently acquired a semi feral Dartmoor pony and don't really know anything about them I wondered if you could help?
He is 18 months old but quite big already.


5 Years
May 16, 2014
Finger Lakes, NY
I had some good friends that used to get wild horses at some auction. Ive seen them go thru the taming process, by putting them in a shoot and touching them. Definitely, they gelded them. They also used the shoot to get them used to having a bit and reins. Once that was complete, they would work them in a round pen with the bit and reins on. Back to the shoot to get used to having a saddle on. Not even sure if these are the right things , as Ive never owned horses, but it seemed to work for them.. Altho it took a long time gaining their trust with feed and treats.

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