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Aug 12, 2014
Hi all -

I'm new to chickens and have 12 four week old chicks that are (so far) doing really well. At the moment, they're on an organic chick starter feed that I got from My Pet Chicken, but I've been doing some reading about home-made grain-based feed recipes and fermenting and I'd like to give it a try.

Here's the recipe I'm working from, adapted from one I found at GardenBetty.com:

2 parts black oil sunflower seeds, hulled
4 parts hard red wheat berries
2 parts soft white wheat berries
2 parts rye berries
1 part sesame seeds
3 parts lentils
2 parts flax seeds
1/2 part Brewer's yeast

(Free-choice oyster shells, free-choice grit)

If I've calculated this correctly, it comes out to about 19.5% protein. At the moment, the plan is for the chickens to free-range during the day (weather permitting) and I would provide this mixture in their run in the evenings. They'll get kitchen scraps in addition. Every other day or so, I'd give them fermented portions (minus the yeast and the sesame seeds, which can get bitter).

Has anyone out there tried fermenting? What were your results? Any thoughts or comments on this recipe?

Thanks in advance!


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