Ferocious Biting Silkie Rooster

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  1. Okay, i am debating about keeping a particular silkie cockerel. He was hatched from eggs i bought from HatTrick Silkies. He is gorgeous! But he has this very bad habit of biting me, really hard, whenever i pick him up. And he doesn't just do a nip, he bites and hangs on. Both my wrists are bruised and scarred from him.

    Once i pick him up, he's fine, i can tote him around and he calms down. And maybe his problem is he gets startled when i go to pick him up since his crest is so large. But even when i pet him across the back first then go to pick him up, he turns and bites. Only way i have avoided it is to pull his tail a bit, then when he moves forward i slip my hands under his wings. But i can't always accomplish this maneuver quickly enough to avoid his beak.

    He's the only bird i have that does this, as i tend to get rid of anyone who is not nice. But he's just so pretty, and i was hoping to breed him. Any suggestions on getting him to stop biting? Or should i just rehome him to someone with a higher threshold of pain?

    Here he is, by the way:


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  2. Maryallison

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    Oh he is very pretty! Maybe you just outta decide to keep him, but not handle him. Most of my roos grow up and decide they don't like being held. [​IMG] So I just love them from a distance.
  3. Whitehouse Quail

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    Jul 1, 2009
    Why are you handling him anyway?
    And, I had a BR Hen do this, and she got better after we stopped trying to handle her. Now she is very docile, but the neighbors know her as the "Crazy biting chicken".
    Her real name is Madonna, by the way. [​IMG]
  4. Well, here's the thing. i'm still working on their permanent predator-proof coop and pen. Until that is ready, i tote him and his brothers and sisters into a secure hutch at night on our patio, then back out to the daytime pen in the morning. So i need to pick him up twice a day. But even once i get their permanent digs done, i would like to be able to handle him when necessary for bathing, meds, check-ups, etc.
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    Personally, I'd keep him and just deal with the biting. I have a little frizzle bantam cochin who does that, but I pull my wrist away and carry him a while. He is getting better about it; he hardly ever does it anymore. You didn't mention how old he is; he may be going through a hormonal shift, too. He certainly is pretty. I'd give him a chance to settle down before making any permanent relocation.
  6. RooptyDoo

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    Oct 9, 2008
    I have a silkie roo that bites. His crest is huge and he cant see so if you dont talk to him you will get it. Try talking to him before you pick him up. See if that helps any.
  7. i've tried talking to him first, but he just keeps looking around like "who's that?!?!" That crest is pretty big.

    He's a kid, just a little over 4 months. The boys in that group are just starting to posture and dance a bit, no attempts to mate yet. This boy clearly has the most hormones flowing, the way he struts.

    i need to work quickly on my pens, though. With three roos and two pullets, all will not be peaceful for long.
  8. c_soto1990

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    What about using leather gardening gloves.It worked with a snake I had,dont see how it wouldnt work on a roo.
  9. Well, i decided to sell the boy. Have him listed on this board, and if no takers i can put him on craigslist. He's pretty, but i came to the conclusion that it's more important that my chickens be friendly.
  10. astylishgirl

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    Aww, I hate that you have to sell such a pretty boy. I read a thread this morning about trimming Silkies fur around their eyes. I bet that would help him.

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