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    Jul 9, 2015
    Ok I'm new at this. I want to try to incubate some eggs. I have 1 rooster with 9 hens. How do I tell if the eggs are fertal? I have seen him mount a couple of my hens UT I'm not sure which egg is from whom. Please help.
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    You can check your eggs by cracking them open and checking for the blastoderm or bullseye on the yolk. If you have the bullseye your eggs are fertile. Here is a pic that should help you ~


    Good luck with your future incubating plans :D
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    You can break the eggs and look for the bullseye that indicates fertility, but that negates any possibility of incubation. He only needs to mate a hen every 2 weeks or so to guarantee that her eggs will be fertile. Very likely he has bred all of the hens. Just crank up the incubator and fill it with any and all eggs.

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