fertile egg dilemma...

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    ok... here's the problem. one of my hens has gone broody...

    I want to give Owl (quail d'anvers) a chance to raise babies, but would rather she raise some chicks hatched from the 'bators than more bantam babies (we're on day 8 currently). however, she's been sitting now for 2-3 days, and i really don't want to throw out potentially developing chicks. (11 mixed breed bantams)

    anyone near to sw virginia (Roanoke county) want to come pick up some already developing chicklets? (if not, where else could i post this on byc?) hubby's already panicking about the 46 eggs in the 'bator now (41 confirmed viable, 5 ?? marans) and I know Owl wouldn't be able to care for that many chicks, but she would get the bantam babies taht hatch out for sure (9 eggs right now developing).

    I've already replaced the eggs with dudds (wooden balls actually), and have them sitting in the hatcher. if nobody pipes up in the next day or so, i'm inclined to toss them.

    I don't have room in the incubator, and an erratic schedule for turning, and i'll need the hatcher in another 10 days (ish). (sooner, so i can crank the humidity and get that stable before lockdown)

    any takers?

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