Fertile eggs tell tales.

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    Hi from down under.

    First time at it. Put in 24 eggs, at fan forced 37.5 degree C and humidity above 60% and on the 6th day candles and all of the eggs had air sack. Most had blood veins, but a few had air sack but can't see any blood veins, just dark then the light coloured air sack.

    Then today being 8th day, I saw the once with blood veins, inside was moving! Floating around I side. (so exciting) but the ones that's dark and no blood veins still stay the same with air sack.

    What the status of these? Where no blood veins can be seen. Are they in the advance stage? Meaning they are pass the veins stage?

    I got one male to 6 females and all my eggs got air sack. Is this a sign of 100% fertility?

    Or do normal eggs in fertile also gets air sack when incubated? . Thanks in advance!
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    All eggs get an air cell from moments after they are laid. It comes from the contents cooling and contracting.
    Then they lose weight every day whether incubated or not. That enlarges the air cell.
    If you hard boil a fresh egg, there will be a space at the large end.
    During incubation an egg should lose about 0.65% of its weight every day as the air cell grows.
    All this has nothing to do with fertility.

    If you aren't seeing a dark mass growing in the egg and it appears clear, they are probably infertile.
    I can't see much in my dark eggs so unless they leak or stink, I leave them in.

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