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  1. 23january1969

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    Aug 23, 2007
    I'm currently stationed in Okinawa Japan where my wife and I have started a hobby farm. I'm interested in buying Welsummer and Maran Fertile eggs. Can anyone help me out. I have a FPO AP or Japanese address.
  2. silkiechicken

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    Wow... good luck getting eggs. I can't imagine them making it from the states to you in one piece if they barely make it across state lines via mail. Maybe someone on your side of the earth will see it. Good luck!
  3. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    Exporting eggs are possible but not impossible. Too much red tape importing eggs from England to US and the price that goes with it. A Faverolle breeder from OH imported some Fav eggs along with all the paper work and vet papers, etc and bypassing the scans and getting on the plane is no easy feat for her. Out of the 12 eggs she brought over, only one hatched. She spent over 1500 just to import those dozen of eggs. She said she would not do that again and would purchase chicks and send them over here for quarantine and pay big bucks for that as well.

    I am sure there probably some breeders in Japan that do raise them. Good luck in finding them over there. I am not sure if any of the US hatchery will deliver chicks in Japan.....
  4. jimnjay

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Bryant Alabama
    I know someone in Hilo Hawaii that can get fertile eggs. I would imagine that Global Express mail could get them to you pretty quickly. If you get eggs that were just laid you would have 7 to 10 days to get delivery and you should still have a faily good hatch rate.

    Email me and I will see what I can arrange for you.
  5. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Its also very illegal for anyone to ship eggs out of the US to another country or into the US without the propert paperwork which as stated, costs ALOT
  6. 23january1969

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Thank you for the information. I got lucky on the shipping with an International Shipper. The bad thing is that they didn't have the Welsummer or Maran eggs. Okay, the update is that yes, it's very exspensive and will be 3 months before they even can clear customs. Skip that idea! I'm now planning a 30 day vacation with the wife to mainland. Hopefully she'll never know my true intentions of just finding a Welsummer or Maran.
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