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Mar 15, 2008
Hey all i placed 7 eggs in my incubator yesterday my question is my rooster has only been with the hens roughly a week or so do you think the eggs will do anything?
Maybe, maybe not. If the "or so" means two weeks you will have a better chance of hatching. Does the roo seem to be doing his job? Technically, the eggs should be fertile even after one week but I would give him at least 2 weeks or more to be sure he is covering all his ladies. Good luck with your hatch.
well the rooster i have with my girls is a 3 year old salmon favorelle so im guessing he has had women before lol i was just wondering wether i should leave them in there or not thanks.
I borrowed a bard rock......left him with my girls for about 9 days.......started collecting on day 5 finished on day 9 out of 51 eggs total set in incubator 2 different days. Fertialization rates.....26 of the 51 were fertile determined from candling. Of those I have had 23 of them hatch.....the second to last egg hatched today the very last has not pipped:(

So...........we found that the eggs collected and day 5 and 6 had a lower fertility rate but as the next few days past we cracked a few eggs and saw and increse in fertility based on the germinal disc

If we were to do it again I will wait until day 7 to collect to be sure of fertility. They remained fertile for a little over 3 weeks after the rooster went home.

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