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    Mar 4, 2007
    I am new to learning about chickens. One chicken layed two eggs last week and apparently has abandoned the eggs. Why ??? If a coyote went by and scared her, will that make her abandon the eggs ????............................... Does a rooster fertilize a chicken, and that`s it for the hen to lay fertile eggs for a month,,,, or does the rooster have to "service" the hen every day so the hen will lay fertile eggs every day ?????? Thank you.
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    Feb 26, 2007
    For a hen to have fertile eggs the rooster has to service her more then once a day I have a Rooster he goes thru hes girl one by one and does it more then once. Was the chicken that left the eggs was she sitting on the before, and making puffing noises if you put your handto close or did she lay them an just leave them because usually chickens just lay there eggs and wait for you to get them.
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    A good egg layer can lay an egg every 25 hours. A lot of chickens have lost that instinct to sit on eggs. I currently have 8 chickens for a couple of days in a row they will lay 8 eggs drop down to 6 eggs to 5 eggs then to 8 eggs.
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    Mar 4, 2007
    some of my roosters stay with my hens and they have made family groups about 4 hens hang with 1 roo. I just incubated 31 eggs and got 29 chicks at Christmas- you definitely will never witness such beauty for 21 days. Just check eggs for air cell best way to tell if fertile.
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    In answer to your question regarding the frequency that a rooster must service a hen to have fertile eggs. A rooster deposits enough sperm with one mating to keep a hen fertile for approx 3 weeks. It is not necessry for him to be with her all day or even everyday. Many people with just a few hens allow the rooster in with the hens for only a few hours each day. This will prevent the hens from getting bare backs for the treading that the rooster does. The best way of course is to test your eggs regularly to see if the rooster is getting the job done.

    As far as the hen that left the nest, they usually don't sit continually untill they have a complete clutch of eggs, maybe 8 to 10. They will leave the nest until they are ready and then the sit until the eggs hatch. They will usually get up once a day to eat, drink, strech and poop, then go back to the eggs. A hen could be frightened off the nest if something came close. If your hen has a nest outside, you might consider getting her in a safe place that is secure. They are very vulnerable while sitting on their eggs. They go into a semi trans like state and their reflexes are very slow and the instinct is to hatch eggs not to protect themselves.
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    Depending on the type of chicken, she may not have abondoned the eggs per se. Lots of the egg laying breeds have had their broody nature bred out of them and will just lay eggs for you to eat and not want to set on them ever. I've had lots of production birds... and over the years... only 2 have been broody.

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