Fertile Hatching eggs. Pure bred. RIR, EE, BPR, BO

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    Pure bred hatching eggs for sale. Rhode island Red, Buff orpington, ameracauna, and Barred plymouth Rock. Very good quality birds! You can get as many as you wan't they are 1.50 a piece for the rhode island red and 1.75 for the others! Send me an email to place an order. [email protected] You will be very happy with them. I have done several fertility tests and they have all been fertile (bullseye) Shipping is the actual shipping costs which depends on where you live. Send me your zip code for an estimate. But you have to include how many you want with that so I can calculate it. There is a waiting list for the barred plymouth rocks which will be about 4 weeks. The Ameracaunas are ready to go. 3 weeks for the buff orpingtons and 2 weeks out for the Rhode island reds. Contact me to be put on a list. Thanks

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