Fertile or not fertile??

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    First time incubating eggs and these have been in incubator 4 days nows. They seem fertile to me by pics I seen online but thought I would get a second opinion here since I am not 100% certain. One has swirls in it almost looks like a finger print, which I have not seen in any pics.Thanks!!

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    I saw definite veins in one of them. Might be more. You'll have a much better idea day 7 or 10. I don't even candle usually until day 10. That way it's definite what never started or stopped developing early on in incubation. Toss those, being day 10 there is no second guessing, it's obvious what to keep and what to take out.

    If your own eggs it's a good idea to start looking fertility before collecting for hatching. There is a dot in yolk that turns into a bullseye in few days. As I'm cooking with them and preparing for incubation I note if they are all fertile or not.

    Here's a good link on looking for fertile eggs:


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