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10 Years
Apr 15, 2011
Got a very nice reply on the Pigeon Talk forums, and will be picking up some Houben eggs after June. Wondering if anyone else out there wouldn't mind shipping fertile pigeon eggs? I'm just looking for a few different breeds for indoor pets. I don't have room at the moment to really get into birds to fly, show, or perform with, but I do have a house and a yard to give some pigeons a good life. I worked at an aviary and studied and did several internships that allowed me to gain formal training and experience with incubation, hand rearing, husbandry, and bird training. I do know about the need for crop milk. I realize anyone willing to ship would be going out of there way to do so, and am willing to pay more than the regular cost for shipping eggs from birds of a comparable price. I also know two eggs is typical to have on hand at any given time, and that is fine by me. I also will not be requesting any refunds or be at all upset if the eggs don't hatch. That's on me, and I recognize the gamble.

Parlor Rollers are the breed I'm just dying for, but I'm very willing to take others, except any sort of racing homer (since I'm already getting the racing homer Houbens). I would greatly prefer smaller breeds at this time as opposed to kings, lahores, modenas, etc., though the large breeds are lovely. Willing to drive quite a distance too for squabs a week old or younger. Also will consider extremely tame adults, but they must actually enjoy human interaction as I will not keep any bird in a pet situation that is constantly stressed out by humans, as it is not healthy for them. I probably won't seriously be looking for eggs until after June. Just testing the waters to see if there is any interest. However, tame adults, I will take any time. Thanks for looking.
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Thanks for the reply Mary! Do you ever have eggs from your Satinettes that you are willing to ship? I ask because the Houbens I'll be getting are racing homers, and I want a bit of a mix if possible.
Either way, it's great to know you might be available to ship later this year. Checked out your gallery too. Really nice work! Love this one especially:
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I should have eggs soon
They are working on weaning off their babies right now. If you'd rather just buy some squeakers, then I have two - a red and a blue. The blue is a hen, and I'm not sure about the red one. More than likely a pair
I raise picas and satinettes. I have a REALLY tame pair of picas for sale. I will have eggs for sale at the end of july. I have red mottled and blue bar picas and bluette satinettes. Pm me for prices and shipping rates.

I have some Zetter hall birds for sale. They are adults. All are going on 2 years old. I have reds and blacks. They are pretty rare.

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