Fertile Vs Infertile Egg (Photos/Thread Reboot)

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    It came to my attention that my old thread on this subject was now missing the pictures, most likely due to the photobucket files being deleted, the way it was on our old system. So, I'm redoing the thread for you.

    Thought you'd like to see this since so many have asked how to tell if their eggs are fertilized. The first picture is an INfertile egg.

    Note on this egg, no bullseye ring around the center blastodisc, just a solid dot in the center.

    On this one, you can see the ring, indicating fertility. This is caused by cells in the center of the blastoderm dying off and leaving a cleared out area, making that bullseye appearance. Not all are as clear as this one is, but you get the idea.
    **sorry for the graininess of these photos, but they were from years ago and a not so great camera.

    (((I believe the original thread has been fixed now and it had a lot of discussion attached to it so this one may disappear, being a multiple-I'll leave that to @TwoCrows ...Thank you, Leyla, for fixing the original for us all!)))
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    You are so welcome! :)

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