Fertility.... How long???

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    Ok-- getting many differing opinions on this one...

    Please help me out...

    1st, let me clarify that I am referring to the fertility of a Mated Hen--not the e g g s from that hen...

    HOW LONG after she has been with a Roo, do her e g g s become "unfertilized" again?

    I need to know how often I need to send the gals to "the Love Shack"!!!

    We were taught in biology class (a LONG time ago) that the sperms viability lasted only 3 days... which is what most folks I've asked have said as well---

    But others are telling me 3-4 WEEKS!!

    I am SOOOO confused!!!!!
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    Mar 27, 2009
    Hi, I also heard it takes 3-4 weeks before they loose fertility.
  3. eschwaderer

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    Feb 28, 2009
    University of Georgia Extension
    http://www.poultry.uga.edu/tips/07 2000 HB tip J M M.PDF

    Viability of newly produced sperm
    Fresh sperm have a fertilization advantage. Because of their greater viability and the fact that the sperm from
    the most recent insemination are stored on top of older sperm in the storage ducts they have a greater chance
    of reaching the ova. If roosters are removed from the flock and replaced with new males on the same day, after
    three days practically all offspring will be sired by the new males.

    Fertility after removal of males from flock
    Fertile 3ggs continue to be produced after males are removed from the flock because of sperm storage and
    survival within the hen's oviduct (sperm storage tubules). Fertile 3ggs can be produced for up to 4 weeks after
    removal of males, but the number of sperm is reduced resulting in lower fertility and hatchability. In the last
    10 years, advancements have been made in the cryopreservation of semen such that in certain strains 70%
    fertility has been achieved from inseminations with semen that has been stored frozen. With continued
    advancements in this area, storage of semen for later use, as in the case with mammals, could become practical
    in the future.
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  4. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
    3-4 weeks is correct and you should find it to be the overall consenses.

  5. Momma_Cluck

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    Jun 11, 2008
    N. West Michigan
    Oh thank goodness!
    Thanx Y'all-- my poor gals can have a MUCH needed break-- this Ameracauna Roo of mine is a bit rough on his ladies-- so the less often the better! (For the Ladies at least!) [​IMG]
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    Feb 18, 2009
    Isnt it horrible what they do?? You think they could have been created to be a liiiiittle more gentle, huh?

    I also wanted to comment on your signature. It made me smile because Im not living the life I had imagined growing up [​IMG]
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    Jun 11, 2008
    N. West Michigan
    Lived nearly my WHOLE life in Lansing Michigan... a decent sized city... and right across the street from the Mall!
    Pretty much LIVED there!
    I DID however spend 1/2 of every summer at my Aunts Farm until I was 16... loved the Crops and gardening and animals... tho they never had chickens...

    When We moved here (The Boonies) it was to get away from the drugs and noise of the City and so our children could grow up in better surroundings...

    The 1st time my mom saw me out digging in the soil, composting and actually hand-tilling cow poo--- she FREAKED!
    (This is the woman with 62 pairs of shoes, 3 walk in closets and nothing to wear...ya know?)

    We have 35 Chickens now-- hatching at least a dozen or so more... Adding Ducks, Turkeys and Meaties later on....

    Add the 2 huge gardens, and YEEHAW!
    Call me a country Gal-- cuz I wouldn't have it any other way!

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