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Dec 2, 2007
Our two hens spent some time with a rooster and was wondering how soon we should candle the eggs? Since this is our first time with this, will our hens know to brood or should we get out the incubator? Thanks.
Hens won't just sit on their eggs, so unless they are broody right now, you'll be needing to break out the incubator
candle at about 7 days to see if there is any veining started...
Thanks so much, that helps a lot!

With one visit from the rooster, how many eggs could we expect to be fertilized,if any?
From one successful mating, every egg for two to three weeks afterward will be fertile. You can only candle after incubating for about seven days and you should see red veining running down the sides of the egg from the air cell area.

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